Dr. Ford, I Hear You. I See You. I BELIEVE You.

When I first started really committing to starting my new adventure in to blogging, I was hoping to stay neutral when possible and not even touch on politics. In my personal life, this has not been the position that I take as I am pretty vocal about where I stand. I want to make sure that I provide an inclusive environment for all mamas that may have different beliefs than I.  However, I could not stay silent on this issue. Isn’t that kind of the lesson that Dr. Ford has sacrificed herself to remind us? I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!! I wrote down my initial feelings after watching the entire trial.

Watching the hearings and the strong, courageous Dr. Ford recount her traumatic experience I was constantly moved to tears. I lost count of how many times I would pause it and hug my girl and beg God or whoever was listening to please protect my daughter and my sister. I actually do this daily.

I want to say THANK YOU to women and men I admire that have so courageously, unselfishly and POWERFULLY shared their stories (especially my friends who have shared publicly) and to my very dear and self made friend who despite not always having support by her own family  constantly champions for women in EVERY arena.

Because of all of you I pray that maybe one day, especially in my daughters life time she will not fear for her safety SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN an actual BURDEN in this day. I wish that some day when her daughter excitedly shares that she got accepted to an amazing university she can wholeheartedly be happy and excited instead of immediately checking for the rape count in the area like I did with my baby sister- like I still constantly do. I hope that by holding rapists, assailants, and “horny teenagers” accountable it will be the beginning of women actually living their life without having to constantly look over their shoulder. I hope that one day instead of telling my sister to always look around her and make eye contact with any man she sees, ask her not to look at her phone while she is alone, not go in to restrooms alone and harassing her with data and stories until she is basically fearful every second of every day, men will learn to have basic decency and respect and leave us alone. I wish that one day as mothers we can feel at peace with our daughters experiencing life on their own instead of having constant conversations of which preschools and camps have constant camera surveillance.

As a woman I should not need to be fearful of going out with my children alone, yet this week I’ve already seen and heard 6 different stories about women and children being targeted. I should not have to make basic plumber or any home appointments only when my husband is home because I don’t want to be alone in my home when a man comes.


Also, don’t perpetuate rape culture. These “funny” pictures of naked women, the crude uncomfortable jokes.. we are HUMAN BEINGS, EQUAL, not play things for your amusement. While sharing these “casually” might seem harmless, while some even BOAST about offending others, just remember that someone is watching and they can see something like that and take it literally, they can run with it. Luckily with all of the uprising of strong women and the good men standing behind us we are showing that we will not stand for it any longer.

Lastly for the ones who have never dealt with assault, who have never feared for their safety, who have never had to call campus security or gone to customer service at a store to walk them to their car because the sun happened to be down. THIS IS WHY WOMEN DONT REPORT. Because they get re victimized. Because sometimes, it is easier to keep your mouth shut and that is the most horrific crime of all.

Again, thank you to all of the courageous survivors who have so fearlessly taken back their power and shared their story. I hear you. I see you. I BELIEVE You.