Mama Must Haves

‘What I LOVE About You’ by Kate Marshall and David Marshall

This book asks a lot of fun questions that truly make you think and assess what you value about your partner and lets you say “I love you!” in a fun and innovative way. After being with my husband for 12 years, it is easy to forget how to show him that I truly value him, not only as a father, not only as my husband, but who he is at his core. Being in the trenches with an infant and a toddler, it is sometimes easy to put aside all the reasons that we fell in love. We have shared some amazing memories in over a decade and when stress is high those get thrown out the window. This book is a ‘Mama Must Have’ because I have truly fallen in love with my husband all over again and it brings back so many butterflies that I had when we first met and when we first started dating. In speaking with a few close girlfriends on a night out we discussed a few things our husbands do that annoy us, and on my way home I really began to think about that. I came to the realization that if my husband were to make a list, his may be longer than mine. While life is always going to be stressful, while life will not be happy all of the time it is important to remind yourself how great you truly have it. So here is my new rule: Every time I snap at my husband, or he upsets me, or I feel negatively about him I answer a question in the book as lovingly and truthful as I can. If I am too upset or stressed out I take a beat and wait until the babies go to bed and then come back to the book. Being flooded with memories, or being kind when I don’t necessarily want to be has been very therapeutic for me and I find that it helps me feel more positive and grateful for this man that I share a life with. It is so important to me to not only be in a fulfilling and loving marriage with my husband, but it is also important to model that for my children. Now that my daughter is becoming much more aware I often find myself wondering what she sees when she sees Billy and I together. I want both of my children growing up knowing and witnessing the love between their parents. I wonder about the kind of marriage I want my daughter to be in, I hope that she is proud someday with the wife that she is. I think, when my son is in a relationship and/or married, do I treat my husband the way that I would want my son to be treated? Is my husband the type of husband that I want my son to be someday? These are thoughts and discussions that my husband and I have and that we check in with not only ourselves but each other that causes to us to evaluate how we are handling our relationship. It takes work, but I am starting to notice that every time it gets easier and easier to remember the good times. When that happens, I am kinder and more loving to him and with all the love that he is shown he thrives and and pours it right back in to me. This is crucial and amazing to every person that means the absolute most to me which is why this book is a Mama Must Have in my eyes!!

BONUS! My husband doesn’t know about the book, when I am finished I will give it to him as a gift on a random day. How amazing would it be to open up a whole book filled out by your partner sharing all of the amazing things they think about you? I am so excited for that day!

I’ve added the link, let me know what you guys think!