Babes Faves- Lets Get Loud!

Happy Thursday Mamas!! Time for another addition of my Babes Faves! My kiddies are 14 months apart (yes, I have my hands full!) and they are at the point now where they are interacting more than ever before. It’s such an amazing thing to watch their bond forming and getting stronger by the day.

While they are very close in age, you all know that the first year is where they grow and learn the most, so there are not many toys that can hold both of their interests for very long. One thing my babes can agree on is they love to be LOUD! As their mama, I want to encourage them as much as possible and I love to see them be lively, finding their voice and expressing themselves (even if my head ache doesn’t always agree!)

The B. Toys drum play set comes with a variety of musical instruments that they both love to explore. Whether they play inside, or we take them outside and they really start shaking, this play set is used practically every day at our home!

As you probably guessed, our neighbors all LOVE us! 😂

Happy Dancing!

Shop the play set!

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