Welcome to Mind Your Maddens! I am Jaquelyn Madden, head ‘minder’ of two sweet baby Maddens, their papa Madden, and one rambunctious puppy at heart, Chuey Madden. This is my online journal, where I love to document my life and all the new things I discover along the way as a fairly new thirty-something mama juggling two under two, lover to my man, and maintaining my own identity in between.

When I had my sweet baby girl, I was so wrapped up in her world (still am!) that I hardly came up for air. I was so set on handling everything on my own even if it meant that I was often stressed and exhausted! By the time my darling baby boy came around, I learned the hard way that I simply could not live that way anymore. Mamas, that old cliché is immensely true, IT TAKES A VILLAGE. There is nothing more amazing than hearing an “I get it!” from a fellow mama, or an “Oh my gosh, Me Too!”

As we have grown, so many of my close friends and old school acquaintances have become parents and I love connecting with so many on this level. Throughout my motherhood journey, starting from pregnancy, I would write long posts about my thoughts and feelings on facebook. Many of my mom friends have urged me to start a blog. The more I would share these types of posts, the more my friends and even some distant classmates would reach out to me and tell me how much they agreed with what I was saying or privately message me wanting to discuss more.

My goal is to create an online community where we can share experiences, mom hacks, fun activities and favorite tips, and products. Motherhood connects us all in the deepest and most beautiful way, but can sometimes feel so isolating. Mamas, I see you. I strongly hope that my words resonate with you, and that we can connect and learn from each other and even share a few laughs while aboard this roller coaster of a life time we call motherhood! Xox

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